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Whether you're a local or just visiting, we want to connect you with fun places to explore together and that are absolutely kid friendly. 

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Discover Boston on the T and Purple Lines

As the biggest city in New England, Boston and its surrounding areas have so much to offer families!

If you're looking to explore Boston Kid Friendly places exclusively, we have that too! Hop on an MBTA train and add adventure to your every day or know what to do as a tourist with kids in the Boston area!

See more in the Greater Boston Area

Downtown Crossing

Take the MBTA to Downtown crossing for family friendly fun.

Faneuil Hall

Boston Common

Petting zoos with an hour of Boston

Great petting zoos for kids in Massachusetts within an hour of Boston.

Free Digital Downloads!

 Get this free Boston Kid Friendly activity packet. It’s four pages of fun including an intricate coloring page of the Boston, Massachusetts skyline, an eye spy coloring page with iconic landmarks in and around Boston, a subway coloring page that encourages kids to also be imaginative and add to the picture, and a cootie catcher game called the “destination discoverer”.

Simply download and print this family fun packet. 

All of the great sites that list events seem so cold, impersonal, and intangible. We want to show what we have done so you know exactly what to expect, not just what to do.

This site is about making memories in the every day. We'll take you along on our excursions and field trips.

 See what we love, know how to prepares before you go. And maybe we love a certain place to eat + it’s kid-friendly, but it doesn’t have a changing table… we’ll let you know!

Goats playing at Colby Farm
The Carrero Family

- aka the Boston Kid Friendly Team -

Stock your Day-Trip Bag

Some of the best trips happen spontaneously. There's a time and place for the planned field trip or family excursion, but having a bag ready to go at any time will ensure that you can hop out the door and make memories without a worry. 

Our Latest Adventures

Check out these field trip & travel guides in Boston and Beyond!

Boston Kid Friendly Passport

Explore the different Boston destinations and MBTA stops.

Record the fun you have in the day, the weekend, and the summer to have a wonderful book of memories! Available to print or buy as a pre-made book. 


Available as a digital download or physical copy

Grab our Boston passport in whatever format suits you best. The printed version is on Amazon, or pick up the digital download from our online shop to print as many times as you would like.

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