Out-of-Towner Package


All memberships also include regular freebies such as the printable activity packet and coloring pages!

Examples of extra episodes:

  • Parents’ Night Out
  • BKF Day Trips
  • BKF Getaways
  • A day on the Bus

Read specifically about the out-of-towner perks below!


As always, Boston Kid Friendly will be providing quality information for families in the local area, visiting, or here for an extended stay. Each episode includes a place to eat, a place to play, and a point of interest. On top of that, everywhere we go, we’ll give you a rundown of anything dangerous, things we noticed that might be important to parents, how much cash you’ll need to have on hand, and how much money in total you’ll be spending on your adventure.

Whether it is for adults only (because as parents, we all need a break and need some time away) or a day trip, we’ll give you the details and plan out the perfect excursions for your family.

What else are you getting for your membership?

  • A printable pamphlet to help you navigate the city
  • Printable eBook as a visitor’s guide to Boston with kids. 
    • Includes maps
    • Stroller etiquette
    • What to expect riding public transportation
    • Best souvenir stops
    • What you need to know about strollers and riding the subway
    • Boston Lingo you need to know
  • Free access to any and all printables
  • Downloads of the last 6 extra episodes
  • Day trips to surrounding areas planned for you (such as Walden Pond, Providence, and more)
  • Date Nights planned for you if you get to slip away!


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